Sat-nav means Satellite navigation. If somebody wants guidance from one place to the other, he/she can use a satellite navigator.

In the present time, many drivers are using a sat nav.

How does a sat nav work?

We have many artificial satellites around our Earth. These artificial satellites map out the earth right down to the exact coordinates.

This accuracy can take anybody to reach his/her unknown destination. When any driver uses his/her smartphone to guide him/her, the sat nav helps the driver to reach the destination. Satellite navigation is 90% accurate. So, it’s trusted by many.

Using phone sat nav while driving.

In reality, it’s beneficial to have a sat nav to your destination.

Who doesn’t want to reach their unknown destination without any hassle?

But, the truth is, there are some strict laws against using the phone while you are driving.

So, what are there laws?

If you use your phone’s sat nav while driving, there will be a good chance of an accident.

Many people are there who just put their phone in front of the windscreen. This is bad, as this can block your view and an accident can happen.

Furthermore, if you pay attention to the navigation system, you can lose focus on the road. As you have to watch it again and again to have the directions, it will be tough for you to drive.

Hence, the law is there to protect you. If you get apprehended for using a phone while your driving, your license may get canceled, and you will be charged a hefty fine. Now, the punishment may vary but the law in almost every UK jurisdiction doesn’t allow using phone’ sat nav while driving.

How can I use my phone’s sat nav while driving?

Firstly, you have to set your destination point. If you want to go from point A to point B, you have to set it before you start driving. This will be good for you as you don’t have to set the navigation over and again.

Secondly, you should stop your car before you check the sat nav on your phone. There are many places where you may stop your vehicle. You can stop your car/truck between traffic signals to take a glance at the sat nav. You can also view the navigation at the parking places.

Thirdly, according to the law, you can’t block your driving view by any object.

So, if you don’t block your view or if you don’t take your phone in your hand, the law can’t catch you.

You can use some things to use the sat nav on your phone while driving.

You can put your phone on a holder. You can keep the holder anywhere on the dashboard. This dashboard holder can keep your phone at a fixed point.

You can also use blue tooth to control your phone. Through blue tooth technology, you can keep yourself connected to your phone.

The voice control can help you a lot while driving your car. Voice control allows you to give commands to your phone. Through this voice control technology, you can control your phone’s sat nav while driving.

There are many cars which use a built-in satellite navigation. If you use your car’s built-in satellite navigation, it will be beneficial to you.

Some facts before you use your phone’s sat nav while driving

It’s illegal to keep your phone in front of the windscreen blocking your view.

Taking your phone in your hand (while driving) is also an illegal act.

Many drivers get penalties all over the world because of this phone navigation.

You should use your phone’s satellite navigation legally.

There is another point. The satellite navigation system on your phone is not always right. You should always stay conscious of your surroundings.

Even, if you are a new driver and at the learning level, you should not use your phone’s sat nav while driving because the law won’t excuse you just for your novice driving level.

So, the answer to the question -Should I be using phone sat nav while driving? is ‘no’. You can only use it according to the law. You should follow the above guidance to use the phone sat nav while driving.

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