What is Toyota Touch and Go Sat Nav?

Toyota Touch and Go Sat Nav is a satellite navigation system that lets you get on the road and off towards your destination at the touch of a few buttons.

To begin using the sat nav, you must select the ‘MAP NAV’ button. The blue arrow indicates your current location and the direction you are facing.

To program the sat nav, you must select the nav icon and then click ‘enter destination.’ Following that, you must enter the postcode which is the best way to find the destination you are looking to go to. Once of you done that, click enter and the sat nav will display three route options which include the fastest, shortest, and most ecological route. There is also the option to avoid motorways, toll roads, tunnels, and ferries/car trains.

One of touch and go’s most useful features is that its point of interest search includes 6 million different locations such as banks, coffee shops, museums, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, schools, and petrol stations.

Toyota Touch 2 and Go Plus Sat Nav is an advanced new multimedia system that also offers a rear-view camera, touchscreen controls, and access to hands-free talking.

By going to route options, you can select settings such as ‘use traffic patterns’ and ‘show route alternatives.

How to Fix the Not Installed Issue

The not installed issue arises from the fact that you may not have the hardware installation pre-formatted by the dealership or if you had the hardware and GPS antenna installed then you require a software update. You can read the next paragraph to figure out how to install map and software updates on your Toyota Touch and Go + Sat Nav system.

How to Keep Maps Updated

To keep your Touch and Go Sat Nav system updated you need to log on to the Toyota customer portal website. Next, you must access the e-store and then map and software updates. You will need to purchase the map updates which you can do through credit card or PayPal. Following that, you must go to ‘My Dashboard’ and then ‘Downloads’ from where you must click the key icon. You must also download the ZIP file and save it on to a blank USB stick. Plugin the USB to your Toyota vehicle and follow the on-screen instructions.

Map updates are not free and rarely are they for any other car manufacturer. If you would like free lifetime map updates, consider switching to a company such as Garmin or TomTom that offer these free updates with their external sat navigators.

Furthermore Information

Here are some useful tips you may want to consider that can aid in your operation of the Toyota Touch and Go Sat Nav

  • When driving, on the screen, the current vehicle position mark is fixed, and the map will move.
  • The map will continue to scroll in the direction if a finger is continuously pressed on the screen up until the finger is removed.
  • The current position may not be correct after a 12-volt battery disconnection or on a new vehicle. There may be a delay in receiving the signal from the sat nav so please standby until the correct position is displayed.
  • “At destination” and “Along the route” cannot be selected when route guidance is not in use.
  • In the upper right area of the map, the arrival and remaining time are displayed. Upon touching the area where arrival time is displayed, the display will switch between the arrival time and remaining time.
  • Always be sure to obey traffic regulations and keep road conditions in mind when driving. If a traffic sign on the road has been altered or switched, the sat nav may not indicate the correct information until further map updates.
  • The route will be recalculated if the vehicle goes off the guided route.
  • Always bear in mind that the GPS signal can be physically obstructed because of tunnels, tall buildings, trucks, or placement of objects on the instrument panel. If repairs or maintenance are being performed, the GPS signal may not be displayed. Window tinting may also obstruct the GPS signal.

For further information consult this manual.


In conclusion, the most common solution to the Toyota Touch and Go Plus Sat Nav displaying a not installed or error message is to update the maps and software. If you don’t want to pay for constant map updates, then we recommend you switch to an external GPS. Otherwise, consult with your local Toyota dealership or leave us a comment below.


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