The all-new Suzuki Vitara is the latest and one of the best offering from Suzuki to the car lovers. The Suzuki Company has reinvented itself with launching the new Vitara, which has smashed the automobile sector in the country with on its way in. The Suzuki Vitara is a perfect car for buyers who want a little extra from their hatchback but SUVs car.

The Suzuki Vitara is designed to become the favorite for those who are willing to live there life away from the board meetings and power point presentations. The unique features and robustness of the car allows unleashing the inner child to leave all worries away and hit the road with excitement and enthusiasm.

The car Suzuki Vitara has all the essence of Suzuki performance like the big bumper, stylish chrome accents and sleek, modern, and perfect look any men will want from his car. But as we say nothing in this world is perfect’, the new and unique Vitara also has some issues and problems that the buyers have experienced. No car is classic and nor is Suzuki Vitara. Apart from the minor issues like over fueling issues and few others the most significant problem car owners have suffered in their Vitara is the problem with satellite navigation. Many car owners have raised complaints regarding the sat nav problems with the Suzuki Vitara, and the company has considered them.

The GPS Satellite navigation has saved many from falling for the issue of not knowing where to go or how to get there. Now you can drive to an unknown location without asking for direction as you like it. You are ready to drive anywhere with the help of sat nav devices installed in your car and utility vehicles. But sometimes cars sat nav systems have some issues that can lead drivers into trouble. As long as the Suzuki Vitara is concerned the most significant issue car drivers are having with their vehicles is the issue with sat nav device of the car.

Issues with sat nav system of Suzuki Vitara

The new Suzuki Vitara has a four-speaker audio system and a glossy navigation screen. It can be easily connected with a smartphone and switching to different functions in Vitara is easy. But first, let us discuss some issues related to the Suzuki Vitara sat nav system. The Suzuki Vitara sat nav problems are

  • Glossy screen: The sat nav screen in the Suzuki Vitara is bright and comes with a finish. It looks good as an internal function, but sometimes it becomes difficult to see the screen clearly for navigation, especially during day time. The sunlight makes it difficult to look at the screen and get the right navigation. The glossy screen can also pose a problem because the touch screen technology is capacitive and not resistive. This means you may not get a response from the device when you tap with your finger and nothing at all if you are wearing gloves.
  • Issues with sat nav stereo- the car has four speaker sound systems, and it can be easily connected with a sat-nav device, but some users have found issues with it. The volume of the sat nav speaker systems jumps to very high-level shrieking sound on the Garmin Suzuki infotainment. It happens shortly after starting of the navigation system turns on.
  • Problems with navigation system working: Some car owners have reported the improper functioning of the car navigation system of Suzuki Vitara. According to them it doesn’t work correctly and has some issues. As per a few car owners, their navigation system has some malware or bug that doesn’t allow it to work or sometimes shows wrong directions.

Suzuki Vitara is a good car, but as no car is perfect, it also has some issues and problems that are explored by the car owners. The problems with the sat nav devices are highlighted here, but it is not the entire truth about the navigation system of Vitara. Different car owners experience the problem raised here at a different point of time. These issues are rare, and the owner can report for then at the official website of Suzuki or consult with the nearest flagship store. The customer support staff of Suzuki Vitara is ready to help car owners with their issues and are taking these complaints seriously.


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