Skoda Auto is a Czech car manufacturer that has a strong presence within the United Kingdom because many customer’s favour their vehicles. Amundsen is the name of the Skoda infotainment system and there is also another sat nav called the Columbus which is made by the same company. Amundsen and Columbus were both great explorers which fits in alignment with a name for a sat nav system.

Problems with the Skoda Amundsen

The Skoda Amundsen is a robust technology infotainment system that has Bluetooth, radio, and smartphone connectivity through MirrorLink which gives you the ability to use it in a variety of ways. However, some owners of vehicles equipped with the Amundsen sat nav have reported problems with their navigation unit. Some of these problems include:

  • Lack of or no sense of direction
  • Prompt to insert software CD
  • Inability to recognize post codes
  • Error code 36
  • Compatibility issues with the SD Card

Solutions to Amundsen Sat Nav Issues

The first step you should take in fixing the issues with your sat nav is to check for updates. There are many reasons why an out of date software can influence incorrect directions or make the device lose its functionality. Skoda updates the maps on its infotainment systems twice a year so be sure to check for new software installations at every 6-month interval.

MirrorLink which is the infotainment system that allows you to connect your smartphone is updated irregularly along with the Bluetooth and Station Logos functions.

The Amundsen sat nav works by either the shortest, quickest, or most economical route and you can set your destination by entering the post code or street name and town. It also operates by voice control and problems with the voice control probably means that your Bluetooth software needs an update.

There is rarely a chance that there will be a hardware problem or that you will encounter one during the life of the vehicle because the hardware is not exposed to the exterior of the vehicle.

To update your SKODA sat nav you will need your SD card which you can get from your vehicle and your VIN number which is easily found on your insurance or registration papers or on the side of the vehicle door. Visit the SKODA Auto website and follow the prompts to complete the update.

The last resort is to consult a Skoda service partner which may take up some of your time but will be the ultimate solution to a stubborn problem with your sat nav infotainment system.

In conclusion, the primary solution to fixing problems with the Skoda Amundsen sat nav is perform a software update. Although a rare occurrence, hardware problems are more difficult to fix and will require you to consult a service partner. If your vehicle is still under warranty, you could get a new sat nav installation at no cost. However, be sure to store and keep safe your SD card as most of the navigation functionality is derived from it. If you have a specific problem with your Amundsen sat nav that you would like to share with us or others, please use the comment box at your convenience.


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