The high-performance and high-tech qualities of Audi cars have made them everyone’s favorites. The latest version of the A3 model has improved a long way from the original model in 1996. Audi A3 comes with the most comprehensive information system called MMI Navigation System. It allows you to control all electronic systems in the car via MMI. The latest Audi A3 models are placed with whole touchscreen suit called MMI Touch for easier access to all onboard functions.

MMI Navigation System offers state of the art technology and a wide range of options to make your drive more comfortable and more fun. Though the car is more comfortable to drive, the high tech systems can be confusing for some people. Especially the installation and operation of the latest MMI Navigation System Plus is a little complex. But we’ve got you covered. Read more to find out everything about the Audi A3


Types of A3 Car Models

Given below are the four major types of A3 models that have inbuilt MMI Navigation.

  • The base model (A3 &S3)
  • Sedan (A3 Saloon, S3 Saloon, and RS 3 Saloon)
  • Sportback (A3 Sportback, S3 Sportback, and RS3 Sportback)
  • Convertible (A3 Cabriolet and S3 Cabriolet)

What is the MMI Navigation System?

MMI stands for Multi-Media Interface which refers to different communication, navigation and entertainment control systems in Audi cars. You can operate MMI either via the control console or with your voice. The latest control console consists of touchpads as well as buttons.

Satellite Navigation

Audie satnav or GPS route mapping feature is usually available in all A3 models. You can use Audi maps or Google maps. You need to have an internet connection to use Google Maps satellite images. You get clear voice instructions hence not having a virtual cockpit may not make a significant difference. You can control satnav with manual as well as voice commands.

Sat Nav Activation

Basic MMI navigation systems don’t offer the sat nav facility. You get an option to choose to upgrade the MMI system from basic to the latest version with the help of an SD-card-based navigation system. SD card updates cost a fortune, but you can also get Audi Sat Nav SD cards from various dealers or online shopping sites like eBay. All you have to do is provide your registration and chassis number to an authorized 3rd party dealership for pricing and compatibility to get an activated Sat Nav SD card. Audi delivers the activation code for all SD card navigation.

Once your SD card navigation is activated, you can put in the MMI system and initialize the settings for sat nav. Once your sat nav starts, and you set the destination is shows directions on the screen in high definition and full color. The upgraded sat nav has many features like Google Maps compatibility, 3D graphics, live traffic updates, weather forecast, etc. To use Sat Nav seamlessly, you have to log in and connect your myAudi account to your profile.

Sat Nav Operation

Given below are the instructions to operate Sat Nav function in A3 cars:

  1. Press and hold Turn On/Off button to turn on and off the upper display and all infotainment functions
  2. To turn off the top display, press on the lower screen.
  3. To activate internet-based service you have to either connect your mobile phone or an activated SD card to MMI system.
  4. Go to the home screen and click on ‘TELEPHONE.’
  5. Turn the mobile Bluetooth on for MMI to find your phone.
  6. Once the system finds the phone, it creates a mutual PIN for connectivity.
  7. You need to enter the PIN to connect your SIM card.
  8. Once you develop the internet connection, you can start sat nav by pressing ‘NAVIGATION’ on the home screen.
  9. If you are using navigation for the first time, it displays a map.
  10. You can enter the destination or connect your profile with your myAudi account to select the already set destinations.
  11. You can also make an internet search for the destination by clicking on search icon.

Live Traffic Updates

You have to turn your traffic data to receive the live traffic updates for your route. Follow the instructions below to turn on the traffic data:

  1. Select the NAVI button on the screen
  2. Go to Control Button Settings
  3. Click ‘On’ before Online Traffic Data option.

Traffic Information is displayed with colors below that indicate specific signals

  • Green- No Obstruction
  • Orange- Slow-Moving Traffic
  • Red- Traffic Jam
  • Greyed Symbols- Traffic Obstructions that are Not Relevant to Your Route.

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